Announcing CosmosDB.Net 3.0 library

I’m incredibly proud to announce the release of the latest version of my CosmosDB .NET library.

The new version is a library that helps development against an Azure Cosmos DB database - SQL or Graph. It is a wrapper over the latest stable official Azure Cosmos DB .NET SDK Version 3.0 as well as the Gremlin.NET driver.

Here are some of the highlight features:

  • model annotations so you don’t have to create artificial properties in your model to handle Ids, Partition Keys and Labels.
  • mix SQL and Graph calls when working against a Gremlin enabled Azure Cosmos DB container.
  • fast parallel inserts/upserts with TPL Dataflow for bulk inserting.

Check it out on GitHub ( or get it from NuGet (nuget install CosmosDB.Net)and let me know what you think. Feedback is welcomed either in comments or on GitHub.

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