Passionate programmer, Keen learner, Microsoft Technology Fan

Tales of the (not so distant) past

I had a passion for computers since very early age, started “programming” on a Z80 in QBASIC, then continued with Visual Basic and some basic C / C ++ until .NET was born.
I was immediately drawn to .NET and C# and thus began my journey that still continues today so I now have over 15 years of developing on the .NET platform.

I am known for being an early adopter of most Microsoft technologies and to be honest I take great pride in that.

Some of my highlights are winning a University Microsoft hosted contest for the best WPF application back in 2006 when it was still called “Avalon”. When Windows Phone 7 came out I wrote my first mobile app within a month of its release - World Time - and even if it’s not the most exciting app, I’ve always kept it up to date with all the new and cool features of Windows 8, 8.1 and 10. And then, there’s the HoloLens… I was one of the first people to get a sneak peek by doing the coding workshop at BUILD 2015, then got my dev kit in Wave 1 and never looked back.

The present

I currently work at Infusion, in Toronto, as a Consultant doing mostly mobile, architecture and more recently HoloLens. I enjoy being in front of the client, helping with sales, pitching new solutions but not afraid to get my hands dirty and deliver on those promises as well.

I spend the rest of time between family and more learning and coding.
You can see some of my more interesting projects in the projects page.

Looking ahead

After all these years, and I think it’s long overdue, I wanted to start giving back to the community. I recently started contributing to open source projects and open sourcing some of the tools I build.

I am looking to get better at public speaking, delivering presentations and writing and the blog will hopefully play a big part in that.