Azure CosmosDB Graph Explorer

Azure CosmosDB Graph Explorer is a great opensource tool that allows you to easily and quickly visualize the data you have in your Azure CosmosDB Graph (yes, just graph at the moment).

Ever since I started developing with ComsosDB as a backing store, I’ve been using this tool to great success. In my opinion it works a bit better than the Azure portal built in visualizer both in terms of speed and stability, even though it’s likely they share a lot of code between them.

I’ve personally contributed to the repository myself, adding a feature that I thought could be useful (multi-connection support). Since it’s still in PR, you can check it in my fork and potentially vote for it to be merged in the main build :D

The README of the project is very well done and you should be able to get started with this project relatively quickly but if you want to take this to the next level for your company or team I would recommend you deploy it in your network, so everyone has access to it.
The process is relatively simple, but I do have a couple of recommendations you might want to follow:

  • Clone the repo locally. Open the azure-cosmos-db-dotnet-graphexplorer\Web\GraphExplorer.sln solution file.
  • Update settings file with your CosmosDB instance details (if you have multiple accounts that you need to connect to - prod, qa, dev, etc…) you might want to check out my version where you can set multiple connections at the same time.
  • When setting up the credentials, I recommend using the read-only keys - depending on who you are giving access to, you might want to keep this as a read-only data explorer.
  • Create a new WebApp on Azure and deploy the app to it.
  • Protect the application with AzureAD so that only internal members of your team have access to it.

Have fun exploring your data!!!

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