Changing the RemoteMachine address

Let’s say you’ve got multiple HoloLens devices that you need to deploy your application to from Visual Studio (wouldn’t you like to have this problem too ?).

The first one is easy, just follow the instructions set the deployment target to Remote Machine and run. Visual Studio will prompt you for the device IP and you can deploy to that device.

Remote Connections dialog

But what happens now if you need to deploy to a second device, or if the IP of the device changes. It’s not immediately obvious how to change that address, since it’s cached and choosing Remote Machine again will use that value instead of asking for a new one

To change it, go to your project’s properties (make sure you select the actual UWP project and not the Assembly-Csharp ones) and make the change in the Debug tab. Ensure you are changing it for the proper configuration and platform as the setting can be different across Debug/Release and so on.

Project Properties - Debug tab

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