Build 2017 Day 1 Keynote notes

Part 1 - Introduction

Timeless values and principles

  • Empower people
  • Inclusive design
  • Build trust in technology

Microsoft mission

Empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

The Numbers

500 MM Windows 10 devices
100 MM O365
140 MM Cortana users

Key areas

  • Agents and Bots (Conversation as a Platform)
  • Natural & conversation user interfaces
  • Mixed Reality
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Advanced analytics & workflows
  • Internet of Thigs

Intelligent cloud & Intelligent Edge

Moving from Mobile First& Cloud First to Intelligent cloud & Intelligent Edge

Serverless -> Azure IoT Edge

Enables cloud functionality to be exported, ran and managed on IoT devices

Artificial Intelligence -> AI for workspace security

Realtime analysis of a workplace to detect people, objects, detect and apply policies in realtime.

Multi-device -> Intelligent meetings

More productive meetings with Cortana, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Stream and more.
Cortana skills - invoke speaker to work with the time-away system
Microsoft Stream - transcript of the entire meetings

Part 2 - Azure

The cloud enables faster inovation than ever before.

Azure helps guide your success: Innovation + Trust + Results
Innovation: making cutting edge development available to every dev.
Trust: core value of everything we do at Microsoft. Lead industry in security cpmpliance, privacy and responsablity
Results: having end to end experience across all tools and build amazing solutions.

Azure + Visual Studio

  • Azure cloud shell in the portal - real bash shell with azure CLI included
  • Azure mobile portal - with bash support
  • Visual Studio snapshot debugging for Azure enables to debug production applications running on azure using “snap points”
  • Visual Studio for Mac avaiulalbe to all existing VS users.

Azure Cosmos DB

First globally distributed multi-model database service.

  • extended consistency levels
  • built on top of DocDB
  • emulator
  • run gremlin queries directly in the azure portal.

Azure container tooling in Visual Studio

  • Easily containerize your exiting apps from VS 2017.
  • Cross container debugging in VS 2017
  • deploy containers everywhere in Azure: Container Service, Service Fabric, Web Apps, Batch

Azure functions

  • CI/CD integration in VSTS and GitHub
  • Local development environment
  • Application Insights support

Part 3 - Cognitive Services and AI

Microsoft AI - Amplify Human Ingenuity

  • Big Compute,Powerfull algorithms, Massive Data
  • Microsoft Cloud, AI Innovation and Microsoft Graph

Breakthough in vision - RESNET
Breakthough in speech - first service to beat human speech recognition error rates.

Cognitive Services

  • 29 APIs, up from 22 last year and 4 2 years ago.
  • new Video Indexer and Cognitive Services Labs
  • Custom Vision API gives the ability to quickly train a vision model to recognize new classes of objects.

Bot framework

  • 3 new channels: Bing, Cortana Skills and Skype for business
  • Adaptive Cards - new open framework to allow you to build code / json once and deploy on all platforms

Redefining Microsoft with AI

  • Powerpoint automatic translator translates a presentation in real-time in a number of languages
  • Cortana enabled devices in partnership with HP, Intel and Harman-Kardon
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